Kayla Habbit – Student Highlight

Medical Assisting student, Kayla Habbit, was a new high school graduate when she chose East Ohio College. During high school, Kayla attended the Jefferson County Joint Vocational Center, where she studied Early Childhood Education.  After graduation, she decided that she wanted to pursue something in the medical field.

Kayla decided to look at East Ohio College because of the affordability and how close it was to her home. She said, “I liked that I was still close to home, that I could still hold a job or pick my life up and relocate.” After meeting with an admissions advisor, Kayla chose Medical Assisting because she wanted something within the medical field. “I believed that my purpose was nursing. However, in an effort to not force myself into two years of living, eating, and breathing nursing school, I chose to break the ice in the healthcare field as a medical assistant instead.”

When asked what her favorite part of attending East Ohio is, Kayla stated, “The family atmosphere and the ability to meet new people that I will never forget. I thoroughly enjoy being able to have a respectful relationship with everyone in my classes but still be able to act as siblings, tease, motivate, and care about your fellow classmates. I am also a very big fan of the Monday through Thursday class schedule and believe that schedule should be kept for the rest of the future students of the school.”

Trying to pick a favorite teacher during her time at East Ohio was difficult for Kayla. “Each has pushed me to think in different ways, trust myself, grow my confidence, and asked more of me, when I thought I had nothing left to give but because they saw my potential. However, if I were to make one set choice my favorite teacher would have to be Mrs. Scott; she has been nothing but a positive influence since I have had her as my teacher. She has been understanding, honest when I needed to hear it most, and has inspired me to want to learn more and grow within the medical field. Beyond being a teacher, she has been a friend. She is someone I could text if I needed help, someone to speak to when I wasn’t sure what to do next, and one could say she is like a second mom to us all. She wants nothing more than to see all of her students succeed and would do whatever was necessary to help you grow to be the best you could be. “

After graduation, Kayla would like to work for an Obstetrics and Gynecology practice.  She believes, “knowledge is the best medicine, and you can never learn too much. The hunger for knowledge is a driving force that pushes one to learn more, and consequently be more.”  In five years, she sees herself going back to school to obtain her nursing degree and starting the next chapter in her journey.

When asked if she would refer East Ohio College to a friend, Kayla says, “I would refer a friend to East Ohio. In fact, when I started school at East Ohio, I had already brought my friend, Brooke Mitchell, an MOA alumnus, with me. I would recommend East Ohio to a friend because the classes are small, everyone is family, and you will leave with a quality education that is setting you up for success in the workplace. “

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