Katelyn McFarland – Faculty Highlight

All of us at East Ohio would like to take a moment to showcase the newest member of our family, Ms. Katelyn McFarland! Ms. McFarland is an East Ohio graduate of our Medical Assisting program and decided that, when she was presented with the opportunity, she wanted to come back to teach! “I was challenged to ‘DREAM BIG’ for my career portfolio when thinking about my future as a medical assistant. For my long term goals, I listed that I wanted to teach medical assisting!” She then went on to say, “East Ohio is near and dear to my heart. I developed so many friendships while I was a student (and as a work-study) and could not pass up coming back!”

Katelyn graduated from East Ohio back in 2015, and when asked where she had gained her experience as a medical assistant, she said, “After graduation, I immediately began working for an allergist. While working at that office, I was contacted and asked to teach clinical phlebotomy at MCCTC. From there, I moved on to working for a midwife. I wanted to gain experience in other areas of the medical field and moved on to working doing in-home healthcare. While doing that, I also started working at a gym and have progressed to being the manager of the gym!” Such an extensive and impressive resume! Now Katelyn has decided to take on East Ohio to add more experience, while taking the time to teach other future medical assistants! She is super motivated and dedicated to her work, and it is plain to see. When asked what motivates her, she said, “I have the biggest motivators in my life, my daughter and my students! My daughter is always pushing me to be better and encourages me daily! My students also motivate me to help them learn better and understand the material they are given!”

Though she hasn’t been here long, Katelyn has been an excellent addition to the East Ohio family. She has been working hard and is doing well in her first module with us. We asked her what her favorite memory has been with us so far, and she had this to say, “ Honestly, one of my favorite memories, in the short time I’ve been working for East Ohio, was an email I received from a student telling me that they are really enjoying my class so far!”

We asked her if she had any hobbies or did anything special in her time away from the school, she told us, “Outside of campus, I spend time with my daughter Pandora, and spend time with my boyfriend, when possible, due to being long distance! We like to travel, go fishing, have bonfires, and spend time with the rest of our family!” She also stated that she has “a refined palate and can season almost anything by taste and smell!”

Katelyn is an exciting and wonderful new addition to our faculty! Make an appointment with one of our admissions advisors so you can enjoy having our newest faculty member in class!