Jordin Floyd – Staff Highlight

Staff Highlight of the Month, Admissions Team Member, Jordin Floyd

Jordin Floyd - Staff Highlight

East Ohio College gained a new member of its admissions team this April. Jordin Floyd was previously a substitute teacher and Jr. High girls’ basketball coach. “I used to teach preschool and then went into substitute teaching and coaching for a local school district because I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Education from Kent State.” Today she is an energetic and happy member of East Ohio College’s admissions team. Jordin was asked about her current role at EOC and said, “I am the high school admissions, and with this position, I get to travel to local high schools and present important information to juniors and seniors. This position lets me coordinate with the program directors here at EOC to create fun events for new and current students. I really enjoy it!”

What really drew Jordin to East Ohio College was being able to work with and help high school seniors and their families understand and complete the process of choosing a college. “I enjoy talking to people, and this position really lets me get to know local families and be a part of this next big step in the student’s life.” Since working here, Jordin has organized and helped with many different events. Her favorite, though, is the Pottery Festival parade. “I love putting student events together, and when the opportunity to have a float in the 52nd annual Pottery Festival Parade arose, well, I couldn’t pass it up. My favorite part is that we won Best Float in the parade this year! I am really proud of the hard work the student volunteers and myself put in to make that happen.”

East Ohio College has many great faculty members, and Jordin talked about the fun she had recently at the office BBQ in June. “It was a perfect day to sit outside with my coworkers and enjoy grilled burgers and fresh air. It was a great bonding experience for the staff and faculty this summer.” While spending time with the East Ohio College faculty and admissions team, Jordin shared her secret talent of knowing how to ride a unicycle and juggle. It was just one of many fun moments she shared with her new friends and coworkers this summer.

Outside of work, Jordin is a very busy mama. She has two little girls, Amellia and Lily, that keep her busy. “My kids are my motivation, my reason for absolutely everything that I do.” She is very proud of how well her children do in school, as well as the way they are growing up into kind-hearted people. “I love my girls, and I am so very proud of them. They have excelled in sports, cheer, and school. I love watching them grow into their personalities every day.” When Jordin is not working hard with the admissions team, she is camping, reading, or relaxing with her kids. “I love camping. My girls and I could spend every day in the woods and sunshine.”

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