Job Hunt Secret Weapon: 4 Interview Tips To Use Time With Purpose

Countless web pages offer interview tips and advice. Still, these sources often only touch on what you should wear, your body language, and how to answer interview questions.

One aspect that is often overlooked that could be a game-changer is how you use your time before, during, and after an interview. 

Continue reading to learn 4 tips from East Ohio College that could help you nail your interview and land your dream job!

1. Make Conversation

Think back on interviews you have done in the past and what you did when you arrived. For example, you probably let the front desk attendant know you were there and took a seat to wait for your interviewer to come and get you. Instead of sitting in silence, try communicating with those around you. Not only can this calm your nerves in preparation for your interview, but you will also get an opportunity to meet some of the staff and get an idea of the company culture before you step foot into your interview. 

Employers want to hire a candidate that will be a good fit with the office community, and this is an excellent opportunity to make your first impression count. Suppose your interviewer comes to meet you and sees that you are already getting along with their employees. In that case, you may get a leg up on the competition.

2. Observe

Another way to spend your time before your interview begins is to walk around the lobby or waiting area and observe plaques, awards, literature, or signage that the company displays. Not only can this provide you with potential talking points during the interview, but it also gives you a more profound knowledge of the business and the things that are important to them. For example, if the company has displayed an article about a generous donation, you can probably conclude that community giving is important to them. In addition, doing this can give you a better idea of whether the company’s ideals align with yours. 

Seeming eager to learn more about the company can show the employer that you are excited to join their organization. Remember, most employers are looking for candidates who share their values and come to work with enthusiasm and passion, not those who only want to make a paycheck. Showing the interviewer that you have taken an interest in the things that are important to the organization can give you an advantage during the interview. 

3. Steer The Conversation

The time waiting for your interview to begin is not the only time you can use to your advantage. During the interview, you can also optimize your time with the employer to show them you are the best candidate for the position. Be prepared to answer questions in a way that proves your K.A.S.E or your knowledge, abilities, skills, and experience. 

Remember that an interview is also a two-way street. While the employer is learning why you are the best fit for the job, you should also be learning why the company is the best place for you. Plan to ask the interviewer any questions you may have about the position, organization, company culture, and more. There are many online resources for sample questions to ask in an interview, including this article on LinkedIn.

4. Follow Up

So the interview is over, and you feel great about how it went. If you still need to get your interviewer’s contact information, ask for it at the end of the interview. By doing so, you can send a follow-up message to them to thank them for their time and consideration of you as a candidate. Also, taking the time after your interview to follow up and confirm any additional details, like a second interview, can show the employer that you care about getting the job. 

East Ohio College is here for you!

Interviews can be stressful, but they don’t have to be! Using time to your advantage, you can make a good first impression, ace the interview, and land the job of your dreams. East Ohio College’s career service department is here to provide you with even more interview tips during your time as a student and beyond

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