Interview Secret Weapon- Using Time With Purpose

By scouring the internet you can easily find countless webpages chock full of interviewing tips and advice. Typically these sources focus on professional attire, positive body language, and how to answer interview questions. However, there is one area in particular that is overlooked but could be a game-changer during the interview. Using each second that you engage a business or interviewer should be PURPOSEFUL and work toward selling you conspicuously and inconspicuously.

Think about interviews you have been to before. When you walked in and let the front desk know you were there, what did you do next? Likely you took a seat and waited for the interviewer to come get you. Many of us know that in these moments we should not use our cell phone or other distracting devices, but did you know that the second a person sits down they are missing a great opportunity to sell themselves and make a great first impression? I recommend that when asked to wait, do this instead of sitting:

You're Hired

  1. Make casual conversation. Talk to the front desk staff, others sitting in the waiting room, even the janitorial staff, etc. WHY? Typically, the front desk personnel have a strong say or opinion in hiring decisions, second, employers want to hire someone that will be a good fit in the office community. If they come out and see you getting along with their team, that will instantly give you a positive advantage over other candidates. If the employer observes you positively engaging patients or clients, it is a glimpse as to how you will engage patients and clients when working for them. Remember, employers want someone who can represent their organization in a positive professional way that will make patients and clients feel comfortable, safe, and cared for. This leads to patient retention and repeat clientele. Lastly, by engaging all staff, not just front desk or managerial types, it shows that you are humble, kind, and a leader.
  2. Walk around and observe the plaques, awards, literature, and signage employers have on their walls, counters, and front desk. This will provide potential talking points and expanded knowledge of the business that you can utilize during the interview. In addition, if an interviewer sees you practicing this habit, you will appear as someone who is eager and excited to learn about and join their organization. Remember, employers want someone who will come to work with enthusiasm and passion. They do not want a person who is there just to collect a paycheck.

Now, it’s not just while waiting that you can optimize your time. During the interview make sure your responses to questions highlight your K.S.A.E, or, your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience that relate to your field. By doing this, you will be able to more succinctly and effectively make your point and sell yourself as a strong candidate for the job.

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