Graduation Ceremonies

On Friday, August 20, and August 27, 2021, East Ohio College celebrated its nursing and day program graduation.

Graduates from Nursing, Medical Assisting, Medical Billing/Administration, Dental Assisting, and Business Administration programs got to see the culmination of their efforts as they walked across the Wellsville First Christian Church stage to receive their diplomas. The audience was full of supporting families watching their loved ones. A few young children were in on the celebration by shouting their support for their parents.

Graduates have put in many hours of studying, testing, externing, and precepting to get to where they are today. They have proven that they can achieve anything through hard work and dedication. In addition to their coursework, these graduates have juggled jobs, families, personal obstacles, all while facing the challenges posed by COVID-19.  They had to transition from in-person instruction to remote learning and back. This is no small feat, but they handled these transitions with great success and poise.

The students were not alone in their journey. East Ohio College faculty and staff members were standing beside them every step of the way, offering support in any way they could.

If you are interested in a career in the ever-growing healthcare or business field, visit www.eastohio.edu for more information!