Graduate Highlight – Lindsay Flesch

Lindsay FleshI chose East Ohio College because it was close to home and convenient for me. I decided on the Business program because it applies everywhere and I did not want to be limited in my choices for employment. When I attended, I was an older student and I had been out of high school for ten years. My friend Triss and I signed up together and even graduated together.

Currently I am a manager for The North American Dental Group. The advice I would offer to current students and graduates from East Ohio are the following: do not be afraid to put yourself out there! Apply for all the positions that interest you even if you do not think you’ve got a shot at it. Worst that can happen is you won’t get the job, but you’ve already not got that job so you’ve got nothing else to lose. Always give a firm handshake at interviews and look the interviewer in the eyes.

I would like to thank Scott Rogers for getting me my very first interview upon graduation. My biggest supporter was Mrs. Rodgers, who still cheers me on to this day when I see her at Walmart.