Faculty Highlight – Kara Heffner

kara heffnerKara Heffner is the Adult Admissions Representative at East Ohio College. Her role is to help students enroll for school and ensure their transition is as smooth as possible. Kara always likes to tell her new enrollees “You can come and talk to me anytime and I always have chocolate!”


A little background information about Kara, her previous job of thirteen years was as an Adult Probation Officer, in which she carried a gun and pink handcuffs (no joke). “I had to have pink handcuffs so the local police officers did not mistakenly take them. No officer wants hot pink handcuffs.” She graduated from Kent State University in Legal Assisting and Early Childhood Education.  She is also a Premier Designs Jeweler and helps women accessorize and feel good about themselves!


kara heffner 2Kara choses to work at East Ohio because she believes education is extremely important and wants to help others reach their goals and improve their lives.  “My favorite part of working here is the up-beat environment and hearing students say they love it here.”    


Kara is married to a health nut/electrician and has two step children. She loves animals, especially her dogs Jona and Spencer. “I would have more than two if I could.” Kara loves to read-mostly mysteries or crime drama novels and her favorite TV shows are Psych, Big Bang Theory, and The Voice.