East Ohio’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day at East Ohio College

East Ohio's St. Patrick's Day CelebrationThe staff and students at East Ohio College never pass on an opportunity to celebrate special occasions and holidays. On March 15, some East Ohio College staff and students dressed in green and spent a little time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The group had many laughs talking about the holiday and what makes it special for them.

In particular, we talked about some of the family traditions we currently uphold and some we used to do when they were young. Besides the obvious wearing of the green, some remember traveling considerable distances to watch and participate in parades. Some decorate their homes with shamrocks, rainbows, and leprechauns while listening to Irish folk music, some search their yards for the prized four-leaf clover, and some go all out and dye their hair green for the day.

We discussed the food traditions of St. Patrick’s Day. One of the more popular meals is the traditional corned beef and cabbage, although others spoke of interesting festive foods such as Irish stew, green eggs, green milkshakes, lucky charm rice krispies treats, and even green beer.

We had an enjoyable time, and everyone learned a little bit more about each other, which is what it’s all about. The academic staff at East Ohio College is and always has been a close-knit group that is more like family than colleagues. This tight-knit family atmosphere is extended to our students and alums as well. Simple, informal gatherings like our St. Patrick’s Day celebration help tighten the bond and contribute to the friendly campus atmosphere.

Even though everyone at EOC has their official job title along with their respective duties and responsibilities, it really is a team effort, and everyone is always ready and willing to help when needed. It is for this reason that East Ohio College thrives and continues to be a great place for students to learn, have fun, reach their goals, and forever be a part of the EOC family.

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