Dr. William Logan General Dentistry

East Ohio College students have the opportunity to practice real-world skills by completing an externship during their program. We have the pleasure of working with local doctor’s offices like Dr. William Logan General Dentistry. Dr. William E. Logan’s office is currently the externship location for East Ohio Dental Assisting student Carlie Suica. 

Dr. Logan’s office has been serving dental patients for 65 years. He has many lifelong, dedicated patients, and his dental business is thriving, even amidst the global pandemic.

Dr. Logan’s office is an excellent experience for East Ohio’s dental externs because his staff, having a combined 115 years of dental experience, are well equipped to share their knowledge and experience with the student. 

The staff at this long-established location consider it an honor to teach students like Carlie their dental office procedures in a “hands-on technique,” and they say that they “feel blessed to have her!” This type of experience helps set our students up for successful careers. 

Dr. Logan’s office takes a favorable outlook on the future of dental services, saying, “We plan to continue offering top-notch dental care for many years to come.”

When asked what advice they might have for a student entering college in the upcoming year, the answer was: Soak up as much knowledge as you can and always strive to do your best!

To learn more about East Ohio College’s externship program or how you can develop career skills at a place like Dr. William Logan’s General Dentistry, request information here!