Devin Tallman – Student Highlight

Devin Tallman-Student Highlight

East Ohio Medical Assisting student Devin Tallman graduated from Oak Glen High School in 2018.  East Ohio was Devin’s first college experience!  In Devin’s own words, “As someone who never thought about college in my entire life, and didn’t think I’d make it to 18, I wanted to prove my peers and past relationships wrong, and show them I am going to be someone.”

Devin chose East Ohio because it was relatively small. She personally did not want a long, four-year college experience, and admissions advisor Monica Allison was so nice on the phone.  Devin first thought she wanted to go into the Nursing program, but decided that the Medical Assisting program was a better fit, the more she looked into it.

East Ohio Student Highlight-Devin Tallman

Ms. Tallman’s favorite parts of attending East Ohio College are the classes, the people, and her supportive peers.  While she states that she favors ALL of her teachers at East Ohio, she specifically points out how supportive Mrs. Hedrick, Mrs. Poynter, and Mr. Clutter have been and how they have helped her to “come out of my shell.”

Devin describes her ideal job after graduation to be working as a phlebotomist at UPMC or St. Jude. She would love the opportunity to meet more diverse people. In five years, her goal is to own her own home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and be married to her wonderful boyfriend Alex Henson, and eventually having a family together.

Devin says she would definitely refer a friend to East Ohio.  She states, “This school is fantastic and everyone here is so kind and happy.”