Craig Monte – Staff Highlight

Meet Career Management Director,
Craig Monte

In June 2022, East Ohio College eagerly welcomed Craig as their Career Management Director, and he has quickly become an integral and invaluable asset to the campus community. With his strong passion for guiding and supporting students, coupled with his diverse background and experiences, Craig brings a unique and valuable perspective to his role. His dedication and expertise have significantly impacted the success and growth of students at East Ohio College.

Craig Monte - Staff HighlightAfter graduating from Beaver Local, Craig’s academic journey continued as he pursued a B.B. in Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. Following his studies, he embarked on a professional path that included working as an account manager at M.E.S.O., Inc. in Calcutta, Ohio, and serving as a State Trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Notably, Craig also served as an engineer in the U.S. Navy, adding a distinctly different facet to his career trajectory.

When asked about his decision to join East Ohio College, Craig emphasized the personal reward he finds in helping graduates secure employment in their chosen fields. Witnessing the success and fulfillment of students as they embark on their professional journeys became a driving force in his career choice. Additionally, Craig was drawn to the camaraderie within the campus community, highlighting the professional and fun-loving nature of his colleagues who create a supportive and inclusive environment. This dedication to student success is evident in Craig’s commitment to being on campus Monday through Friday, ensuring he is readily available to assist current and former students in their job placement endeavors and portfolio building. His presence and unwavering dedication contribute to the positive and nurturing atmosphere at East Ohio College.

Beyond his professional achievements, Craig has had his fair share of exciting experiences. One unforgettable incident took place during his honeymoon in the Caribbean. On the first night, their ship encountered a coral reef, causing significant damage. The couple had to be evacuated, leading to several eventful days of unexpected twists and turns. This adventurous spirit mirrors Craig’s approach to life and reminds us of the unpredictability that can shape our journeys.

Craig’s motivation stems from recognizing the value of each day as a gift. This perspective enables him to remain positive and productive, benefiting his work and student relationships. Beyond his role at East Ohio College, Craig is a proud family man who finds fulfillment in watching his children grow and thrive. He also maintains a healthy lifestyle by walking several miles daily and actively participating in his church community.

When Craig isn’t devoting his time to supporting East Ohio College graduates, he loves firing up the grill on weekends. Cooking outdoors and savoring the flavors of a delicious meal adds a touch of relaxation and enjoyment to his leisure time. Furthermore, Craig is an avid baseball fan, often immersing himself in the excitement of the sport while cheering for his favorite teams.

Craig’s presence at East Ohio College has profoundly impacted the lives of students and professionals alike. He helps students forge successful paths in their chosen career fields through his guidance and expertise. Craig’s commitment to his family and health and his active participation in his community exemplify his dedication to his work and leading a fulfilling life overall. Through individuals like Craig, institutions like East Ohio College continue to foster growth, success, and a sense of community among students and graduates.

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