Christmas Giving: How To Give Back During the Holidays

The holiday season has arrived, and it brings with it Christmas music, great food, and tasty desserts. For many people, this is the most wonderful time of the year, but this season can be very challenging for others who are not as fortunate.

This means that we have an opportunity to give back and help others during the holiday season. This week, we’re sharing some awesome ways to do this!

Volunteer Your Time

One great way to give back to those in need is by volunteering your time. Due to the pandemic, this year has been hard on a lot of people, so there is no better time than now to begin volunteering. Serving food or cooking at a local food pantry can really help people who are facing hard times or suffering from food insecurity.

Volunteering to make holiday care packages for families in need is another awesome way to help people around Christmas time. Check with local nonprofits and churches if you want to do this, as they often make and send out holiday care packages.

Many nursing home residents have been unable to have visitors or see family for much of this year, so they may be feeling extra lonely during the holidays. Remotely visiting nursing home residents via video calls could really help lift their spirits. You could even sing Christmas carols to share some extra joy. Reach out to your local nursing homes to find out if they offer video visits with residents.

Contribute Food

Donating food during the holiday season is a great way to help people who are experiencing food insecurity. Local food banks, shelters, and churches often hold food drives around the holidays to distribute food to those in need. The best items to donate are nonperishable foods like canned fruit and vegetables, canned soups, and pasta. You can also contact local organizations in your area to see what specific food items they need.

Schools, employers, and other companies often hold food drives to help provide holiday meals to people in need. Donating nonperishable food items can have a direct, positive impact on your local community by supporting people when they need it most.

Give Toys

Spread the holiday spirit by donating toys to children that may not be receiving any gifts for Christmas. Putting a smile on a child’s face by giving them a toy is a heartwarming way to give back during the holidays. There are many great places to donate toys, including children’s shelters, children’s hospitals, and homeless shelters. To find out if these organizations have children that aren’t going to receive Christmas presents, give them a call. Be sure to ask about the child’s age, so you can get them an awesome gift they will love!

Many local organizations also do toy drives during the holiday season, and there are also national nonprofits that collect toys to donate to children.

Donate Money

Another great way to give back during the holiday season is to donate money to organizations or nonprofits with a mission of helping others. Charities that are local to your area or national nonprofits that help others across the country are both great options to donate to. Many larger nonprofits allow you to donate on their website. For smaller organizations that may not have a website donation option, call them and ask about the best way to give. Check out these organizations that you could donate to for the holidays:

Items other than money, like clothing and blankets, can also be donated to help those less fortunate.

Be There For Others

Now is the perfect time to show the true meaning of Christmas by spreading joy and love to the people around you. Many people will be alone and away from their families this year because of the pandemic, so you can have a positive impact just by being there for other people during the holidays. Call someone who is alone this holiday season to tell them you care.

Giving back brings joy to the person receiving and brings joy to you, the person giving. East Ohio College would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, have a great holiday season!