Career Services, A Valuable Resource For Past, Present & Future Students!

By: Courtney Martin – Career Management Director

East Ohio College wants to ensure each and every student that walks in these doors, walks out with the education they aspire to achieve. Career services offered through the school helps students prepare for the real world outside of the classroom. Below is useful information regarding our career services and everything we have to offer.

East Ohio Student Government

At East Ohio College, our students are very lucky to have access to a dedicated career services team. We feel this makes a difference by providing support the second a student enrolls and continuing to provide that same quality of help beyond graduation. It is incredibly important to make a difference in the lives of our students.

In our Career Preparation class, students begin their career search. Career Preparation facilitates a smooth transition between college and career. It provides students with the training and tools they need to effectively and successfully write professional documents, up to and including a tailored resume. Students will also learn how to analyze job descriptions, perform quality job searches, develop a career portfolio, ace an interview, dress to impress, and secure a great career and keep it.

When creating a resume, a cover letter is a great representation of the student. Just remember, a cover letter should not just be a regurgitated version of the resume. It should work to show the employer how the candidate will be an ideal fit and an investment for the organization. Thus, it should address the employer’s wants and needs in language from the job description and company website to prove the applicant is well-suited for the role. An employer will determine if they want to trash or keep reading a resume in only six to eight seconds! Thus, it is vital for resume writers to highlight their industry-specific knowledge, skills, and abilities
(or experiences) clearly and efficiently. To do this, as much unnecessary wording as possible should be removed and each component should have purpose, and work toward selling the candidate. The resume should be clean, use space wisely, and should be able to be scanned without ease.

We are all taught from a young age to “never judge a book by its cover.” However, employers do not take this approach. To an employer, “perception is reality.” What they see is what they think they are going to get. Thus, it is critical that interviewees use their appearance as another means to show employers that they are professional, practice appropriate hygiene, and are attentive to detail.

The resume is just one item you need to bring to an interview. The resume, the cover letter, and the reference sheet are what we like to consider the “trifecta”. However, we also recommend that candidates bring an industry-specific career portfolio to visually demonstrate their skills, showcase their achievements, and highlight what makes them unique and the ideal candidate. It is also a good idea to bring a thank you letter to drop off after the interview,  simply thanking them for their time.

After an interview, students need to show enthusiasm. 93% of communication is non-verbal. Thus, candidates should ensure that their tone, facial expressions, and body language demonstrate enthusiasm, interest, kindness, and confidence. Additionally, too many candidates get caught up trying to be what they think the employer wants. However, it is important to not sacrifice being genuine.

East Ohio College is a big family and our graduates are an important component of that. Career services are free and available to all students and graduates who are part of the East Ohio family. Career services does not discriminate and uses various platforms and technologies to ensure that the lines of communication remain open. East Ohio wants to help assist you in having a Great Career and Great Life!