Business Administration – Program Highlight

Anyone interested in building business skills and gaining a business certification should consider East Ohio’s Business Administration program.

In this program, directed by Jonathan Ream who is, himself, a graduate of East Ohio with dual degrees in computer hardware and software technology, students will complete courses in Accounting, Computerized Accounting (Quickbooks), Small Business Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Taxation, among others. Aside from computer and technical skills, students will gain “soft skills” which include teambuilding and communication skills. These soft skills are important concepts to any business as they enhance both the efficiency and the environment of the workplace by improving communication with customers and co-workers, as well as enabling workers to deal with the demands of a busy environment.

Business Administration students will sit for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification* through Certiport and sponsored by Intuit, which is known for its accounting software. Sitting for the exam for this certificate is important because it encompasses all of the areas students study during their time at East Ohio.

Mr. Ream is often asked, “What can I do with a Business Degree?” His answer is, “Anything!” Business students can be team leaders; they can work in HR in business, professional and medical settings; they can become entrepreneurs. With hard work and a positive attitude, the sky is the limit.

He describes successful business students as being “self-driven, hardworking, independent thinkers, time managers, and great team players. . . I’ve had students graduate and become HR representatives, business owners, team leaders and managers, and the head of online sales. If you’re a hard worker and looking for a career, come visit us and join our program. Our students have all the tools to be successful and make their team just as successful!”

Prior to graduation, students in East Ohio’S Business Administration program complete an externship. Mr. Ream describes why this is important to their educational experience and how students should prepare for it. “One of the biggest things our students were facing when seeking employment upon graduation was a lack of experience! They had all the skills necessary but they just didn’t have that experience. The externship is that conduit between college and career. They are now getting that out-of-school experience while still being considered a student. Upon completion, we can sit down and discuss their experience and what and if there is anything they can improve upon to be the best version of their professional selves.”

Looking forward, over the next 5 to 10 years, Mr. Ream projects that we will see some changes in the business administration field. “With the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were shown how vital technology can be. Everyone seems to have been involved in a Zoom meeting or a Google Meets meeting. Our children became professionals by logging into meetings for classes! From a business level, we learned that these types of meetings could actually save us time and money. We no longer had to go to an office and we could work from home. This is where those soft skills come into play. We teach our students how to conduct themselves professionally in those meetings and how to connect everyone and educate them in the software.”

Many degrees and certifications* may be obtained at East Ohio; most are related careers in the medical or dental field. When asked why he would recommend seeking a degree in business, Mr. Ream tells us, “business to me is just fun and there are so many different avenues you can explore in this field. I love working in groups and having one goal in mind. Plus, some people, myself included get kind of squeamish when it comes to the medical field! I’ll take a computer over a needle any day.”

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*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.