4 Ways Nurses Can Build Genuine Connections with Patients

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When you are a nurse, your relationships with patients help you perform your duties, and they also help to put patients at ease as they prepare for surgeries, recover from incidents, or receive ongoing care.

Check out these quick tips on how to build a more genuine connection with your patients from East Ohio!

1. Stay Focused on Them

For those in the nursing field, workplace distractions and lingering anxieties from select patients can take their toll at times, but keeping focused on individuals will help both the patient and you.

One of the best things you can do as a nurse to build a better connection with your patients is, when you walk into their room, push everything else in your mind aside and just focus on them and the task at hand. As simple as it may sound, it can be hard to remember!

2. Be Sure to Use Eye Contact

An easy way to better connect with your patients is to use eye contact while speaking with them. According to Travel Nursing, when nurses use eye contact, it quickly conveys compassion, commitment, and connection.

Make a point to incorporate this small gesture into your care and your patients will certainly appreciate it!

3. Show Interest in Their Lives and Share Stories of Your Own

If you have enough time during your tasks, a great way to connect is to ask your patients basic questions about themselves, such as what they do for a living, if they have a family, what their favorite books or albums are, etc.

This is an easy way to find ways to relate and grow your bond with them by discovering things you can talk about to cheer them up in times of need.

4. Share Relevant Info to Keep Their Spirits Up

When patients are admitted to a hospital, sometimes they don’t know how long they’ll be there and can often feel quite disconnected from the outside world. Since their TV and the internet use can be limited, try and share some info to boost their spirits and keep them focused on getting well.

Whether it’s sharing what you’ve heard about a new business coming to town or relaying that the hospital cafeteria is going to have chocolate pudding that day, these small connections can pay off.

Sometimes it’s the little things you can share to make your patients feel like they’re more than just the person in room 202!

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