Brooke Mitchell – Student Highlight

Medical Office Administration student Brooke Mitchell is known around campus for her sweet demeanor and exceptional work ethic. She enrolled straight from high school in June of 2019 where she completed 9 online college credit plus classes through EGCC. Before enrolling with East Ohio, she had initially enrolled at the University of Akron for Exercise Science, but said that “something kept telling me Akron just wasn’t the place for me.” After discussing with her friends and family, Brooke started looking around at other college options. That’s when her friend, Kayla Habbit, another East Ohio student, told her about the school’s fast-track and family oriented programs and how she thought it would be a great fit for her.

Soon after she made an appointment with the admissions advisor, Donna, Brooke enrolled in the Medical Office Administration program. “I chose my program because I knew I wanted to go into the medical field. I knew nursing or an EMT wouldn’t be the right fit for me, but I still wanted to be involved somehow.” After getting immersed into her classes she quickly realized that she wanted to continue learning and expand her professional knowledge and skills base. Eventually she decided to continue her education and enroll in the Business Administration program. She is currently finishing her Medical Office Administration degree program and transitioning into her business courses.

“I was so worried about going to college because I am not a very outgoing person, but attending East Ohio has helped me become one.” At East Ohio Brooke has met so many new and wonderful people, students, and instructors. “The students come from all walks of life, not just straight out of high school, and the instructors are always ready to help or lend a hand, in some way.” When she was asked if she had a favorite instructor she said, “I couldn’t just pick one teacher to be my favorite. Every teacher I have come in contact with had their own way of impacting me.”

Although Brooke is continuing as a business administration student, she will still be a medical office administrator and plans to use her MOA degree and work while she continues her training. She hopes to  find a job somewhere that she can work in the evenings and still attend college so she can earn her business degree. “Once I graduate next August with my business degree I will hopefully find a daytime job where I can utilize both of my degrees that have earned.” When asked where she saw herself in five years, she said, she was hoping to marry her best friend in the entire world and get a few more pets. Eventually she would like to open and own a  business. Although she is not quite sure what that might be yet, she is considering opening an event barn or a store in her hometown.

When asked if she would refer East Ohio to anyone, she had this to say, “I refer everyone to East Ohio that I know. I have had a couple of people talk to me about wanting to do something else with their life and if it’s a program at East Ohio I tell them to look into it. At East Ohio they don’t just care about you passing the classes or helping you to meet new people, they care about your future.”

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