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This guide is designed for those interested in starting a career as a Registered Nurse, including information about East Ohio College’s associate degree in Nursing program. This guide also includes detailed information about required testing, healthcare careers in Ohio, and frequently asked questions about becoming a Registered Nurse. 

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About East Ohio College

East Ohio College, formerly known as Ohio Valley College of Technology (OVCT), was founded in East Liverpool, Ohio, in 1886 to provide quality education and job training to local area students and employers. In 2022, the institution’s name changed to East Ohio College to better reflect the current offerings and online delivery method. 

East Ohio College’s mission is to provide students with career training taught by experienced faculty who uphold our core values and purpose. By developing an education process that puts student needs first, East Ohio students can form a relationship with the institution that allows them to develop professionally and personally.

By offering each student personalized support, East Ohio College integrates its core values: Work Ethic, Exemplary, Caring, Accountability, Relationships, and Excellence (WE CARE). As a result, every person within the organization is held to these fundamental values, allowing East Ohio to fulfill its purpose of empowering change by creating opportunity.

EOC Core Values East Ohio Purpose

The Nursing Shortage in Ohio

The need for nurses across the nation is at an all-time high, according to The American Nurses Association. Nursing shortages across the country are a result of multiple factors, including the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the baby boomer generation’s aging and retirement.

As healthcare workers are on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for qualified professionals has increased rapidly. Unfortunately, due to workforce shortages and intensified patient care needs, many nurses currently working in the field have begun to experience prolonged periods of stress, which can lead to feelings of burnout. A study conducted by McKinsey & Company showed that 22% of nurses considered leaving their positions in the field due to feelings of burnout.

Another factor that impacts the nursing industry is the aging population of nurses working in the field and the general aging population. As the current workforce ages and begins to retire, the need for new nurses to fill their positions will rise. The average age of registered nurses currently working is estimated to be over 51 years old, with more than one-fifth of nurses having plans to retire in the next five years. Additionally, as the Baby Boomer Generation ages and requires more medical care and attention, the demand for healthcare professionals to provide care is expected to increase. 

By offering individuals the option to complete nursing training in just 18 months, East Ohio College is continuously helping to fight the nursing shortage. East Ohio nursing students are trained in the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the workforce as Registered Nurses quickly.

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Exam

The first step toward entering school to become a Registered Nurse is taking the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam. Most institutions require this or some other standardized test for admission to a nursing program. The TEAS exam is designed by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). It evaluates a student’s readiness to enter a health science field. 

Prospective students taking the TEAS exam are given three hours and twenty-nine minutes to complete a variety of 170 multiple-choice, ordered responses, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-select, or hot spot questions. The TEAS exam covers material across four subjects, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. 

East Ohio College offers multiple resources for prospective students planning to take the TEAS exam. There are also various online study groups for students preparing for the exam. For best results on the TEAS exam, ATI recommends preparing for the exam for at least six weeks before taking it.

Online TEAS Prep Course Offered Through WVJC

Through an agreement, students who take the TEAS exam and require additional preparation can enter WVJC Online’s preparation course at no cost. This course is offered to students who have taken the TEAS exam and have not received passing scores for East Ohio College’s Nursing program. This course will focus on improving their scores in the subject areas of struggle.

The course is a 4-week preparation course that provides students with online lectures, assignments, quizzes, and virtual study sessions with an instructor. Students can complete portions of the course based on the areas in which they have shortfalls; for example, a student who needs to improve their mathematics score can complete only the one-week math portion of the course. 

Students who take the TEAS exam for the first time at East Ohio College will pay a $35 exam fee. Then, once the particular areas in which a student needs improvement are determined, they will have access to WVJC Online’s preparation course, where they will have 14 days to complete the course and attend at least one study session. Once completed, they will retake the TEAS exam for entry to the nursing program at no additional cost. For more detailed information about this TEAS preparation course, request information to speak with an East Ohio College nursing admissions team member.

National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN)*

The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN)* exam is the industry-standard test reflecting a nurse’s ability to work safely and competently as a registered nurse. The exam tests a nurse’s competency, including a Safe and Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion And Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, and Physiological Integrity. As the nursing industry evolves, the NCSBN Board of Directors reevaluates the exam every three years to ensure it tests the most current practice.

The NCLEX exam requires future nurses to apply critical thinking and decision-making skills combined with their learned nursing knowledge to answer situation-based questions. Candidates taking the exam are allotted five hours to answer a minimum of 75 questions and a maximum of 145 questions in the four categories mentioned above to prove their competency. 

The NCLEX exam uses computerized adaptive testing (CAT) to administer the exam. Using CAT, the computer is able to evaluate each candidate on their ability to answer questions accurately. As the computer analyzes the previous questions, it continuously displays questions that the candidate should have a 50% chance of answering correctly. Each exam will be individualized to determine the candidate’s true ability. 

The exam is graded on a pass-or-fail basis, and the results are determined by one of the following three rules:

  1. The 95% Confidence Interval Rule– This ruling occurs when the computer is 95% sure that the candidate is above or below the passing standard.
  2. The Maximum-Length Exam Rule– This ruling occurs when the candidate’s ability is extremely close to the passing standard. The computer cannot determine with 95% certainty that the candidate is above or below the standard. The computer will then continue to display questions until the maximum number of questions has been reached.
  3. The Run-Out-Of-Time Rule– This ruling occurs when the candidate runs out of time before reaching the maximum number of questions, and the computer is not 95% certain whether or not they are above or below the passing standard. The candidate will then be scored on the questions answered to determine whether the result is a pass or a fail. 

Annually, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCBSN) reports first-time candidate pass rates for the NCLEX-RN* licensure exam. In the most recent report (2022), East Ohio College reported a 95.83% first-time NCLEX-RN exam pass rate. See table below for detailed information on the past five years for Ohio Valley College of Technology (2018-2021) and East Ohio College (2022).

*Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.

Accreditation and Licensing

East Ohio College is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) to award associate degrees and diplomas. ABHES is a national accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education.

East Ohio College is approved and the programs are authorized by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools, – Registration Number 1555B.

The East Ohio College School of Nursing Associate Degree in Nursing has been granted Full Approval by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

East Ohio College offers some programs that are approved by the State Approving Agency for students to use veterans’ benefits.

Nursing Courses at East Ohio College

Nursing students at East Ohio College can expect to study and utilize the nursing process to provide safe and effective patient care. Students who complete East Ohio’s Nursing program are trained to become well-rounded healthcare professionals able to practice sound nursing judgment, critical thinking, and hands-on patient care skills.

The nursing curriculum includes classroom instruction and lab experiences in gerontological, medical, surgical, obstetric, and pediatric nursing. A complete list of classes nursing students can expect to take is available on page 12 of our downloadable guide. 

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East Ohio College’s Process

Each student’s educational experience can be adjusted to their specific needs at East Ohio College while following our process. This process provides students with extensive individualized training to meet each student’s unique needs. Our process guides nursing students through their time at East Ohio College using the five steps: Learn, Practice, Apply, Earn, and Start. 

Step One: Learn

During step one, students will begin taking courses and gaining classroom experience to learn the fundamental skills needed for their careers.

Step Two: Practice

Students then practice the skills learned during classroom instruction through hands-on lab experiences conducted by nursing instructors.

Step Three: Apply

In step three, students apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and lab to a real-world environment during clinical rotations at local medical facilities.

Step Four: Earn

Students will prepare to sit for the NCLEX-RN* licensure exam at the end of the Nursing program.

Step Five: Start

Upon completion of their program, students will graduate and be ready to start their careers.

Request information for our nursing classes at East Ohio College to start the admissions process. One of our skilled admissions team members will contact you to discuss the enrollment process, financial aid**, and more. 

*Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.
**Available for those who qualify.

Registered Nursing and Beyond

Nursing is a rapidly-growing industry, which gives future nurses options after graduation. Students who obtain an Associate of Applied Business in Nursing Degree from East Ohio College can enter the field and begin working as a nurse immediately after graduation and passing the NCLEX-RN* exam. 

East Ohio College’s accelerated associate degree program allows future nurses to gain the skills and knowledge they need to work confidently and competently in the field while preparing them to sit for their nursing board exams. Because the program is completed in just 18 months at an accelerated pace, students can expect to be challenged in their education. 

In addition, East Ohio College and OVCT alums will receive ongoing access to our career management team for services, including resume and cover letter editing assistance, future career placement guidance, and industry refresher courses at no additional tuition cost. The East Ohio career pledge allows our graduates to enter the workforce knowing they can return to East Ohio College for a refresher or brush-up training courses as their industry evolves. They also have continued access to our career management team for comprehensive professional services.

For those who decide to continue their education, there is an option to progress into WVJC Online’s RN to BSN program and earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

The EOC Career Pledge
*Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.

WVJC’s Online RN to BSN Program

East Ohio College and OVCT alums have the opportunity to continue their nursing education by earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through an agreement with WVJC Online. This program allows working nurses to take classes online toward a higher degree while remaining in the field and balancing their lives. WVJC Online’s RN to BSN program can be completed in just 12 months. It provides nurses with further training which may expand employment opportunities, encourage financial advancement, and give them further career autonomy.

Completing the extra 12 months of schooling can provide these nurses with additional career opportunities, including taking on nursing leadership roles, working beyond the confines of a hospital setting, becoming a nursing instructor, or continuing their education to become a nurse practitioner or beyond.

Working As A Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses learn a wide variety of skills during their education that make them valuable healthcare team members in a multitude of medical facilities, including both hands-on clinical skills and soft skills. Because of their adaptability and broad skill sets, RNs can find positions in hospitals, emergency rooms, health clinics, schools, travel agencies, telehealth facilities, and more. 

Regardless of the type of medical setting an RN chooses to work in, they will be essential to the patient’s healthcare team. Registered Nurses work closely with Doctors, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nursing Assistants, and other healthcare professionals to provide patients with the best care possible. Registered Nurses can also educate the healthcare team on current medical best practices and news.

The Benefits of East Ohio College’s Nursing Program

East Ohio College’s unique education model allows students to complete their degrees and gain the necessary skills and knowledge they need to be successful while learning in an environment where they are supported. At East Ohio College, we understand that students need to balance family and work with their education, so we put the student’s experience at the forefront of our approach to education.

Students in the Nursing program at East Ohio College benefit from our direct admission approach, meaning they may save time and money by entering classes directly related to the Nursing program soon after admission. As a result of our direct admission approach, students are able to complete their nursing education and be prepared to sit for their nursing licensure exam in just 18 months.

East Ohio nursing students can expect to learn fundamental skills and concepts during classroom lectures, then apply their skills in hands-on lab experiences and complete clinical rotations where they work with patients in a real-world environment at medical facilities in the East Liverpool area. As a result of this effective combination of training, graduates are instructed in the necessary skills to prepare them to sit for the NCLEX-RN* licensure exam and enter the workforce in a matter of months, rather than spending up to 4 years completing coursework at a traditional nursing school. 

Additionally, students at East Ohio College have access to career and student services during their time as a student and beyond. Our career management team provides students with academic and personal support, including resume assistance, interview preparation, tutoring, and more. Another service that sets East Ohio College apart is East Ohio Alumni resources. East Ohio College and OVCT graduates are eligible for continued career management support and refresher courses at no extra tuition cost as their industry evolves. East Ohio faculty and staff work closely to support students to help ensure they are provided the tools to be successful in their education and future careers.

Registered Nurse in OH Benefits Graphic
*Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take to become a Registered Nurse?

A: Students attending an associate degree in registered nursing program in Ohio are able to complete their training in two years or less. East Ohio’s Nursing program students are able to complete their training in 18 months.

Q: What does a Registered Nurse do?

A: Registered Nurses can have a variety of job duties, including but not limited to direct patient care, nursing leadership roles, collaborating with doctors and other healthcare team members to implement patient care plans, and more.

Q: Where do Registered Nurses work?

A: Registered Nurses can work in various healthcare facilities, including but not limited to public and private clinics, secondary schools, hospitals, emergency rooms, travel nursing agencies, and at telehealth facilities. 

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