Amiya Reed – Student Highlight

Amiya Reed - Student HighlightStudent Highlight of the Month, Amiya Reed

Amiya Reed is a new student in the Medical Assisting program at East Ohio College. When asked why she chose East Ohio College, Amiya said, “My cousin Jenason works here, and she was like, ‘you should check out EOC!’ So, I did, and here we are.” Amiya is happy with coming to East Ohio College, and she has family here to share in her new journey. Amiya’s favorite part of attending East Ohio is that the teachers are very understanding and supportive. “I feel very welcomed, and if there is a problem, I know they will help me solve it.” She says her teachers are all pretty great, and it is hard to pick a favorite.

Amiya went to college before but felt that, although the campus was nice, it did not have schedules to fit her day-to-day life. Before finding East Ohio College, Amiya was working full time.  She said, “I was working a full-time job and still am. I am trying to find my own path in this life.” In five years, Amiya hopes to work at a hospital. “I want to be working and loving life. I would love to work at Akron Children’s Hospital.” Amiya will fulfill a 160-hour externship in a functioning medical office to perfect her skills and learn from medical professionals in her field. This will aid her in reaching the goals she has for her future.

When asked about her overall experience and if she would recommend a friend to attend East Ohio College, Amiya said, “Yes, the atmosphere is very welcoming, and the people are good.” Amiya found a school that fits her day-to-day life and shares the experience with her family! She is just starting on her journey into the medical field. East Ohio College is excited to be a part of the journey.

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