Amanda Dean – Student Highlight

Amanda Dean

East Ohio School of Nursing student Amanda Dean graduated from West Branch High School in 2017 and entered the Associate Degree in Nursing program that September.  Amanda always thought she would attend a traditional four-year university and says she had no idea that programs like the accelerated 24-month program even existed until her senior year.  Amanda thinks it is pretty awesome that she will be able to be working as a Registered Nurse before she even turns 21 years old!  She chose the East Ohio School of Nursing because of the convenient evening schedule and hands-on learning she got to experience in her very first semester.

Amanda says that her favorite part of the East Ohio experience is the professional relationships she has developed with friends, teachers, and clinical instructors.  It all came together for her in Medical/Surgical Nursing 1, when she was able to combine all aspects of Nursing, science, and critical thinking to apply everything she had learned in a clinical setting.  Her ideal job after graduation will allow her to work close to home while furthering her education in Nursing.  In five years, Amanda says she hopes to be living in her own home, with her student debt paid off, while working in a career field she enjoys.

Amanda says she “would definitely recommend a friend to East Ohio because they make it easy by planning out your course schedule and providing all your books.”  She states that “all you need to do is invest in your life for a short period of time to come out on top with an awesome degree!”