Alyssa Humphrey – Student Highlight

Q & A’s

Did you ever go to college before?

This is my first time in college. I dropped out of my junior year of high school because I had some issues. In 2018 I went back to get my GED. After getting my GED, I started making plans to further my education.

What were you doing before you decided to attend East Ohio?

Before I chose to attend East Ohio, I was a homemaker. I took care of my grandparents and my fiancé’s grandparents. Trying to make ends meet, I would do odd jobs like cut grass, shovel snow, and do housekeeping.

Why did you choose East Ohio?

I chose East Ohio because it’s close to home and they have a good program. The students and staff can be really helpful. Choosing East Ohio was a major decision in my life. I want nothing more than to be the best I can be.

Why did you choose the MA program?

I chose the MA program because I have been taking care of people my whole life, from children to the elderly. I love being able to help others who need it.

What is your favorite part of attending East Ohio?

My favorite part of attending East Ohio is the willingness of staff and students to help each other through things. I like that the courses are short and fairly easy. I really like how they push us to do our best.

Who is your favorite teacher or favorite class and why?

My favorite teacher is Ms. Murphy. She is patient and willing to work with us. She works hard to help me understand things if I’m having trouble.

What would be your ideal job after you graduate?

My ideal job would be working with the elderly or children close to home. I have thought about becoming a child therapist.

How would you like your life to be in five years?

I would love to own a house and be in a more secure financial situation within the next five years.

Would you refer East Ohio to a friend?

Yes, I would refer friends to come here because I believe this may be one of the most affordable colleges. The programs are perfect for young or older people, or even new parents. And the courses are short but get right down to what you need to know for pursuing a career.

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