Advantages of Our Accelerated LPN to RN Bridge Program

Are you an LPN who wants to advance your nursing career? Then take your career to the next level with our accelerated LPN to RN Bridge program!

There are many advantages to enrolling in East Ohio’s LPN to RN Bridge program, including becoming an RN faster, convenient classes for you, and the opportunity to advance your nursing career.

Keep reading to discover why our LPN to RN Bridge program may be the perfect choice for you!

Become a Nurse Faster

As a current LPN, you have already taken some nursing courses and gained valuable experience that will help you become a registered nurse faster. Students who enroll in our LPN to RN Bridge program have the ability to skip some classes, allowing you to get a head-start in the program. Some of the courses that students can skip include Psychology, Chemistry, Fundamentals of Nursing, Pharmacology, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, and Medical/Surgical Nursing I.

Our accelerated registered nursing program is direct admission, meaning you don’t have to take years of general education classes before being accepted into the nursing program. You are accepted directly into the program and start your nursing classes right away.

Since our LPN to RN Bridge program is direct admission and students are able to skip some classes, you can complete the entire program in only 16 months. This shorter program length gets you in your dream nursing career faster.

Attend Convenient Classes

Students who enroll in our accelerated LPN to RN Bridge associate degree program enjoy convenient classes that fit around their busy schedules. Classes in the registered nursing bridge program are held in the evenings, four nights per week, so students can continue to balance work, family, and life as they earn their degree.

Students complete their clinicals on the weekends, which allows them to gain valuable, real-world experience and apply their nursing skills. Students may complete clinicals at some local healthcare facilities, including Akron Children’s Hospital, East Liverpool City Hospital, Heritage Valley Health System, and Trinity East Hospital.

With these convenient evening classes and weekend clinicals, registered nursing students can continue working as LPNs while earning their Associate Degree in Nursing. As students complete their nursing courses, they are prepared to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. This exam must be passed for students to become a registered nurse.

Advance Your Career

As a registered nurse, you can work more independently than you can as an LPN, because LPNs must work under the supervision of doctors or RNs. Registered nurses have a higher level of responsibility and more opportunities for career advancement, like moving into management roles and supervising others.

With a career in registered nursing, you can choose to specialize in the area of healthcare that interests you most. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of working in pediatrics, or perhaps you would love to work in geriatrics. Whatever your preference may be, becoming a registered nurse allows you to work with the patient population you prefer.

Registered nurses typically have a higher earnings potential than LPNs because they have the ability to earn a greater salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2020 median yearly pay for registered nurses in the United States was $75,330, and for LPNs, it was $48,820.

Choose East Ohio College

There are many advantages to our LPN to RN Bridge program here at East Ohio College. This exciting program is accelerated so that you can train for your career as a registered nurse in only 16 months. Students in our bridge program earn an Associate Degree in Nursing as they prepare to sit for the NCLEX-RN* licensing exam.

Our LPN to RN Bridge program has no out-of-state tuition, meaning that students living in Pennsylvania or West Virginia pay the same tuition as students living in Ohio.

Our supportive and caring faculty and staff will help you every step of the way through nursing school. Learn more about our LPN to RN Bridge program and request information now to get started. We can’t wait to welcome you into the East Ohio College family!

*Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.