A Chat with Bridget Roberts, East Ohio Dental Assisting Student

East Ohio College Dental Assisting student Bridget Roberts had never attended college before because she never had the confidence in herself to go! She previously worked as a nurse’s aide for over fifteen years. Most recently, she was employed at East Liverpool City Hospital for three years before deciding to pursue career training at East Ohio.

Ms. Roberts said she honestly loves helping people, but could never bring herself to keep going in the medical field. While she loved her job, she really wanted something that was nearly as fast-paced with a more regular work schedule. She said her decision to go to East Ohio was based on the class sizes and where the campus is located. “Nothing is close to where I live,” she laughed.

Bridget loves the smaller class sizes at East Ohio. She stated, “I feel like you really get to know the teachers and other students that you are attending school with. I have made so many friends being here at East Ohio!”

When asked to pick her favorite instructor, she said “I absolutely love all my teachers!  It’s not fair to just pick one, but if I really have to then I would have to say (Dental Assisting Program Director) Mrs. Stine! She goes above and beyond to help her students out both professionally and personally. She is one of the many that have pushed me and told me that ‘she knows I know my stuff.’” Bridget continued, “Teachers like her make going back to school at my age so much easier. I am going to miss all of them when I graduate in two weeks.”

Bridget’s goal is to work in an office that treats you like family. Her ideal office is family-oriented and gets to know you as a person and not just as an employee. “I want to be at an office I love, working a job that I love, being a part of something that makes everyone smile,” she shared.

Bridget said she “would most definitely recommend a friend going to East Ohio.” She explained that “the small class sizes and the closeness are the two things that are the best about this school. Everyone is treated as an equal no matter what. The teachers are the best and don’t just see you as a number in the school.  They actually get to know their students. East Ohio has been a great experience and anyone that asks where they should go, I would tell them East Ohio is a great choice!”

To learn more about Dental Assisting and other fast-track health care training programs offered at our East Liverpool, Ohio campus, visit eastohio.edu.